Registration is open for the St. Louis Global Game Jam 2015


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Registration is now open for the St. Louis Global Game Jam 2015

Have you ever wanted to make a game, but just didn’t know where to begin? Do you always want to make games, but just never feel like you have the time? Has it always seemed like too big of a challenge to tackle? Maybe you just love Game Jams. If any of these describe you, mark your calendar now for January 23rd to the 25th. You will make a game in 48 hours and you’ll be proud of it.

The 2015 Global Game Jam will once again take place at the fabulous  UMSL SSB Building. We’ll have snacks, drinks, meals, free t-shirts, and some super keen surprises from our sponsors that we’ll be announcing as we get closer to the event date. Follow the twitter feed at @stlgamejam for more frequent updates.

Our community has grown immensely over the past year, and this year’s event promises to be the biggest Game Jam the city has ever seen. Get registered today to reserve your place in St. Louis game development history.

A New Breed of Game Jam!

Witness the birth of a brand new Game Jam in St. Louis. I’m talking about the St. Louis Scatterjam.


The St. Louis Scatterjam is a Game Jam that’s structured a lot like this one, but with one key difference: rather than finding your team and working together at the event, you’ll bring your team with you to the kickoff and then go and work wherever you want to, bringing your game back with you on Sunday for a big honkin’ demo party.

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to make another game after the April Game Jam look no further.

Check out the site today, and register your Crew ASAP.

Play the Game Jam games now!

Big thanks to Dave, Evan, and the rest at Webster for such an amazing event.

Zeekar from the Meetup site says:

“I’m super proud of what I accomplished and was humbled by the caliber of talent I was able to be creative with. I’ve never felt more motivated and I can honestly say I’m officially hooked to these game jams.”

If you’d like to hang out with the Game Jammers again come to the post-Game Jam Meetup. We’ll show off our games and have a chance to play them together. Signups and more information can be found at

The games that were made at this Game Jam are available for download immediately at the following link:

Play and enjoy!

April Game Jam Themes

Here’s a list of the themes for this April’s Game Jam.  Also, the link for the tool we used! Cranky Ferret A simulation game where you swap clichés with robots Meta A tycoon game where you sing to stars and you have different powers at different times Pantaloons A student project where you navigate […]


Details for the April Game Game at Webster U

Thanks for signing up for the Spring 2014 St. Louis Game Jam at Webster!  To help everything go smoothly, here are some last-minute instructions and reminders. PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS: This year, our jam will again be on Webster campus, starting in the Sverdrup building main lobby. We will have access to this building for the entire […]


St. Louis Game Jam – Spring 2014 at Webster University

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Twine Jam 2014

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Tomorrow is the Game Jam!

Tomorrow is the GameJam! Maybe today if you’re reading this late. We’re expecting anywhere from 150 to 200 people this year, which is amazing. We’ll definitely land in the top 20 worldwide jam sites and the top 5 in the US, which is no small feat when you consider that this year there are 487 […]


This weekend’s yummies

One thing about St. Louis Game Jams, is you never go hungry! Thanks to our sponsors, we will again have plenty to eat. Here’s the tentative menu so far: FRIDAY AFTERNOON (Registration), HORS D’OEUVRES 4:30pm: Cream cheese pinwheels; Barbecue wings; Deviled eggs; Grapes, melon, cheese and crackers; Fried Ravioli; Cookies; …and more! FRIDAY DINNER 8:30pm: Pizza, Salad, […]


Directions to Global Game Jam 2014

Below is a Google map highlighting the Social Sciences & Business Building. Registration starts in Room 222 at 4PM on Friday, January 24th, 2014. Directions: On West Drive, the parking structure just south of the SSB building is entitled, “West Drive Parking” (yeah, sneaky, we know) Best is to park on Level 3, which is the […]


2014 Jammer Resources

ARE YOU READY ? ? ? Here’s a list of Jammer resources and sponsored packages for  next week’s Global Game Jam, check ‘em out!


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We survived the September Game Jam!

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September Game Jam This Weekend

Yay, it’s almost here! Just as some reminders: Doors open at 5 pm on Friday, theme will be announced at 6. Teams will be formed *before* the theme is announced, so feel free to start team-forming as soon as you arrive. Parking is free, so don’t worry too much about the signs, just park wherever […]


Registration is now open for the Summer of 2013 St. Louis GameJam!

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Mark your calendars!

The next Game Jam in St. Louis will be September 13-15, 2013 at Simutronics. Doors open at 5:30 Friday, theme will be announced at 6 pm. And for even more Game Jam Goodness, don’t forget the Global Game Jam, which will be January 24-26, 2014 @ UMSL. Official registration is not yet open, but you can sign up at the STL […]


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For a recap of all Geocache games, click here. Kirkwood Is Wherigo – Play here! Enjoy a one-mile walking tour of the historic community of Kirkwood, exploring the outdoor sculptures and memorials. Team: Sarah Chisholm Writing credit to Elonka Dunin

January 23-25, 2015
@ University of Missouri - St. Louis
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