January 20-22, 2017
@ University of Missouri - St. Louis
222 Social Science & Business Building (SSB)
8001 Natural Bridge Road
St. Louis, MO 63121 (directions)
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Registration for the St. Louis Global Game Jam 2017 is Now Open

Check out this logo:


Does it make you feel the creativity and excitement of collaborating on a game next to hundreds of your closest friends and strangers? If so, click right here to register for the 2017 St. Louis Global Game Jam on January 20 – 22 2017.

This year we will once again Jam with our good friends at UMSL. If you’ve ever come to one of our Game Jams before you’ve probably already clicked the link above to sign up, but if this is your first time making a game you’ve come to the right place. Check out the FAQ to learn more, but here’s the gist: Come to UMSL on Friday January 20th, hang out all weekend, and leave with a game that you and your team have put your heart into. If that sounds like a good time register today! It just might change your life.

Note: Logo by the always amazing Jillian Stiles

Find a Team and Make a Game at the STL Scatterjam November 4-6


Do you want to make a game? The STL Game Dev Co-op is putting on the third annual STL Scatterjam, so it’s time to round up a team, fire up your computers, and clear up your calendars for the first weekend of November.

So, what’s a Scatterjam?

A Scatterjam is an (approximately) 48 hour game-developing event for experts, newbies, and everyone in between. If you’ve ever participated in a game jam before, you’ll recognize most of the rules. Everyone will meet up on Friday, November 4 at The Saint Louis Zoo’s Anheuser-Busch Theater. That’s in the Living World building, at the north entrance.


Game Dev Duel 2016


I hope you’re ready for a new kind of Game Jam in St. Louis!

We are incredibly excited to announce our first month-long Game Jam, the Game Dev Duel.

Check out the site for detailed info, but the gist is that on , the event kicks off at the St Louis Science Center and streaming online at twitch.tv/stlgamedev. You and your team will have an entire month to make the best game you possibly can. Devote as much or as little time as you’d like, but do what you can to get that game made by !

You will also be “competing” for bragging rights through an achievement system designed to help your team stick with it, follow best practices, and get involved with the community. We’ll be offering support and guidance throughout the month with a weekly opportunity to meet with other participants, show off progress, and get some helpful advice from professionals on things that might be standing in the way of your team’s progress.

It’s Jamming like never before. See you on June 30th!

Twine Jam 2016

On Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 at Webster University the St. Louis Game Developer Co-op ran the third annual Twine Jam using either Twine or Inklewriter. Around 30 minutes were spent doing a tutorial of the tool, then individuals and teams split off and worked on games for around an hour before coming back together to demo the results. We had a […]


Spread the Jam recipient announcement

The recipients of Spread the Jam 2016 have been chosen! Bunnybeats A fast-paced rhythm game depicting the Asian myth that rabbits make mochi on the moon. Players learn and master each bunny’s unique rhythm to make the best mochi for the moon goddess. Summoning on a Budget A game of performing rituals through physical motions […]


Spread the Jam 2016 Registration Now Open!

Did you make a game for the St. Louis Global Game Jam 2016? Are you still working on it? Are you considering it? GREAT! The St. Louis Game Developer co-op wants you to keep working on it and eventually publish it in a more public way for the world to play. We want you to… […]


St. Louis Global Game Jam 2016 Games

The Game Jam is over! 245 local game developers made 54 games making us the 3rd largest site in the US and the 10th largest in the world (out of 632 sites total). What are you waiting for? Play the games now! If you’re one of the awesome game developers who made one of these […]


Global Game Jam Last Minute List post

The Jam is in under 24 hours away! Can you believe it! You’re probably checking this right before you leave. The directions are here. The schedule for the weekend will be as follows, note that it may change at any time: Friday, 4:30pm – 6:00pm – Registration Friday, 6:00pm – Opening Ceremonies Friday, ~7:00pm – Theme […]


The Diversifiers for the Global Game Jam 2016 are in!

If your team is looking for an added challenge or a way to make your game stand out from the thousands of other games being made this upcoming weekend there are Diversifiers that add additional restrictions to your game beyond the main Theme. Think of Diversifiers as “Achievements. They’re not required, but doing them might make your […]


Registration for the St. Louis Global Game Jam 2016 is Now Open

Do you hear that sound? Off in the distance there’s a rumbling. It’s hundreds of professional, hobbiest, and first-time game developers coming together in St. Louis to do something that will amaze, delight, challenge, and expand their brain in just a few glorious days. That thing? Make a game. That place? The St. Louis Global Game […]


St. Louis ScatterJam 2015!

It’s happening again! Last year’s St. Louis ScatterJam was such a success that we decided to do it again this year! And just to up the ante, we’ll be taking it to the one and only St. Louis Zoo this time! As before, the St. Louis Scatterjam is a Game Jam that’s structured a lot like […]


Twine Jam 2015

On Friday, April 24th, 2015 at Webster University’s Kinematifest the St. Louis IGDA ran the second annual one hour Game Jam using the tool Twine. Around 30 minutes were spent doing a tutorial of the tool together, then individuals and teams split off and worked on games for a little over an hour before coming back together to demo the results. Click on […]


It’s a Wrap!

The St. Louis Global Game Jam 2015 is officially over! We had an amazing turnout of around 250 people and made some of the best games this community has ever seen. That makes us the 12th biggest Global Game Jam in the world, and the 5th biggest in the US. Download and play any or […]


2015 Schedule and Reminders

Tomorrow’s the big day! Here’s some last minute info that you’ll probably want as you make your way the jam. Directions http://www.stlgamejam.com/directions/ Current Schedule Schedule is approximate, and may change at any time Friday, 4:00pm – 6:00pm – Registration Friday, 5:00pm – Riot Games Panel Friday, 6:00pm – Opening Ceremonies Friday, ~7:00pm – Theme Announced […]


Riot Games Pre-Jam Panel!

Announcing the Riot Games Pre-Jam Panel! Riot Games will be presenting a pre-Jam panel that Game Jam participants can attend. The panel will feature three Riot game developers from their Santa Monica studio (check out the panelists’ info below). They will share their experience working on League of Legends, offer advice to rock the game […]


Pre-Jam Meetups

We’re officially at over 110 signups for next week’s St. Louis Global Game Jam 2015! If you’re planning on going and you haven’t signed up yet, please register today. If you’d like to come to the event a bit more prepared, we’re having a few pre-jam events that are structured around teaching some tools and best practices that you […]


Printable Flyers

We’ve put together some printable flyers for your school or workplace. Print ’em out, toss ’em up, tell some peeps. 11×17 8.5×11 8.5×11 Low Ink And have we mentioned you might want to sign up today?


2015 T-Shirt Design and Logo

A New Year. A New Logo. This year’s spectacular logo design comes from IGDA Chairperson Carol Mertz of Happy Badger Studio. Do you want to see that sweet design on the front of a free T-Shirt? Better get registered today!  


Registration is open for the St. Louis Global Game Jam 2015

  Registration is now open for the St. Louis Global Game Jam 2015 Have you ever wanted to make a game, but just didn’t know where to begin? Do you always want to make games, but just never feel like you have the time? Has it always seemed like too big of a challenge to […]


A New Breed of Game Jam!

Witness the birth of a brand new Game Jam in St. Louis. I’m talking about the St. Louis Scatterjam. The St. Louis Scatterjam is a Game Jam that’s structured a lot like this one, but with one key difference: rather than finding your team and working together at the event, you’ll bring your team with you […]