Global Game Jam: January 2012

The next St. Louis Game Jam will be at Webster University, as part of the Global Game Jam, January 27-29, 2012. Official signups will start at the GGJ site in November, though we’re sure to do other planning beforehand! To keep informed on the latest news: * Join the stlgamedev mailing list, by sending an […]


Summer Game Jam a Success!

Thanks to everyone that came to the Game Jam! The event was an absolute blast, and I am totally boggled at the games that were achieved in such a short timeframe. Congratulations! We had about 50 people who came together and created eight brand-new games in one weekend, all on the theme of “Twice Upon […]


Summer STL Game Jam 2011 – Day 3

I arrived at Simutronics at 10 am on the 3rd day of the GameJam, which gave us around 6 hours to get as far as we could. I worked on a few little things and when the rest of the team arrived I called a meeting at one of the giant white boards to see […]


Summer STL Game Jam 2011 – Day 2

I picked up another attendee, James Koval, on the way to the Jam today, which set me back by a little, and when we arrived at 10:30 things were in full swing. It was just a year ago at our 8-person GameJam that Scott Petrovich, Sam Coster, and myself arrived on time on Saturday and […]


Summer STL Game Jam 2011 – Day 1

I think I’m starting to get the hang of these Game Jam things. Today went super smoothly, and I actually had over an hour to just chill and mingle before the Jam began. Of course, that’s probably because Elonka Dunin and the rest of the Simutronics crew have been working their butts off to make […]


Summer GameJam Checklist

The big day is tomorrow, yes – TOMORROW, and I wanted to make sure everyone coming to the Stl Summer Gamejam shows up ready to rock and roll.  With that in mind I present to you a GameJam checklist.  Make sure you tick these boxes to ensure a smooth jam, because GamePreserves just aren’t cool. […]


Come to the Pre-Jam Game Developer Meetup

The GameJam is fast approaching! Wondering what a GameJam is like? Want an idea of the type of restrictions the theme will put you under? Come on out a few days early to prepare! The monthly St. Louis Game Developer meetup for July will be ALLZ about the JAMZ! (cool 90s caps lock and s […]

January 23-25, 2015
@ University of Missouri - St. Louis
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