2015 Schedule and Reminders

Tomorrow’s the big day! Here’s some last minute info that you’ll probably want as you make your way the jam.



Current Schedule

Schedule is approximate, and may change at any time

Friday, 4:00pm – 6:00pm – Registration

Friday, 5:00pm – Riot Games Panel

Friday, 6:00pm – Opening Ceremonies

Friday, ~7:00pm – Theme Announced and Teams Disperse

Friday, ~8:00pm – Pointers Pizza Dinner

Saturday, ~9:00am – Bagel Breakfast

Saturday, ~12:00pm – Sandwich Lunch

Saturday, 3:00pm – Game Pages must be created at www.globalgamejam.org

Saturday, ~7:00pm – Fridays Fettuccini Pasta Dinner with Breadsticks and Brownies

Sunday, ~9:00am – Bagel Breakfast

Sunday, ~12:00pm – Sandwich Lunch

Sunday, 3:00pm – Games/Videos must be uploaded

Sunday, 5:00pm – Closing Ceremonies Begin

Sunday, ~5:15pm – Game Demos Begin (2 minutes per team)

Sunday, ~7:50pm – Raffle for NVIDIA Shields

Sunday, ~8:00pm – Go home!


Laptop (or desktop + monitor) with software pre-installed

All cables needed for computer

HDMI or VGA adapter

USB Sticks

Mouse and Mousepad

Webcam and Microphone if streaming

Phone Charger (useful even if you’re not staying overnight. Reception isn’t always great in our site and the batteries drain faster than usual)


Pens and Pencils

Meeples and Dice if you want to make a board game

Supplemental Snacks

Pillows and Blankets if sleeping

Register if you haven’t already

Game Jam Resources

Free Unity Pro 30 Day Trial License






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