April Game Jam starts tonight!

It’s finally here! Doors for the jam open around 5 pm today, Friday April 20th, at Simutronics (218-C Millwell Drive, Maryland Heights, MO 63043), though it’s okay to come by a bit earlier if you’d like to help with setup! We are running the full 48 hours, though folks can come and go as they please (like me, I like my sleep!).

The theme will be announced around 5:30, then we’ll break into brainstorming groups, then hear ideas, and then start forming teams. Pizza will arrive around 8 pm, and we’ve also got some basic food planned for Saturday and Sunday breakfasts and lunches: Cereal, juice, milk, sodas, breads, coldcuts, peanut butter & jellies, some cookies and chips, fruits, veggies, etc. For more substantial meals, there are plenty of restaurants nearby, some of whom deliver, and we’ll have information on all that at the jam.

Last-minute checklist:
* Laptop!
* Wi-fi access!
* VGA cable!
* Designers: Creativity!
* Coders: Tools installed!
* Artists: Something to draw with!
* Everyone: Read the FAQ!
* Everyone: Get ready for a fantastic weekend!

See you soon,

Elonka :)

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  • Randy says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! No headache this time so far ^____________________________^

    Ready for it now. T__T 2.5 hours till off work… T___T

    Other possible checklist items:
    Desktop instead of laptop
    Dual monitors (XD)
    Powerbar (I grabbed two, just in case)
    Tablet (for possible android/ios games)
    Good attitude
    Hyperness = amazingness… O-o not a checklist item, but it’s the point that I’m at right now. ^__^ Can’t wait!

    I’ll be there as quickly as I can!!! (I brought a lot of crap… Extra usb cables, macbook pro, android tablet, phone charger, high quality DSLR for pics and video {Intend to record the show at the end and upload it, assuming the sound isn’t crap and so on}, etc, etc)

    O-o I don’t think I’ve been this hyper/excited in a long long time.