Game Jam Last Minute List Post 2017 Edition

The Jam is tomorrow! Can you believe it!

You’re probably checking this right before you leave. The directions are here.

The schedule for the weekend will be as follows, note that it may change at any time:

Friday, 4:30pm – 6:00pm – Registration
Friday, 6:00pm – Opening Ceremonies
Friday, ~7:00pm – Theme Announced and Teams Disperse
Friday, ~7:30pm – Pointers Pizza Dinner

Saturday, ~9:00am – Bagel Breakfast
Saturday, ~12:30pm – Sandwich Lunch
Saturday, 3:00pm – Game Pages must be created at
Saturday, ~6:00pm – Fried Chicken and sides Dinner

Sunday, ~9:00am – Donut Breakfast
Sunday, ~12:30pm – Pizza Lunch
Sunday, 3:00pm – Games/Videos must be uploaded
Sunday, 5:00pm – Closing Ceremonies Begin
Sunday, ~5:15pm – Game Demos Begin (2 minutes per team)
Sunday, ~7:50pm – Raffle for NVIDIA Graphics Cards
Sunday, ~8:00pm – Go home!

Make sure you remember to bring:

  • A wi-fi enabled computer or laptop
  • Your Computer’s Power Cable
  • Phone chargers, USB adapters, and cables
  • A Mouse and Mousepad
  • A Controller
  • An HDMI and/or VGA adapter to connect your computer or device to a projector
  • Webcam for streaming
  • Graph paper, pens, pencils, post-its…
  • Power Strips with your name clearly labeled

That’s it I guess! See you soon!

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