Team WING IT presents FLAIL, “a game where you battle family members but you’re the clumsiest person ever.”
As Reid, an adopted child, you will fight your way through your family’s house in the name of retribution.
You and your floppy arm will destroy the house and use all of the debris to defeat your foes.

A/D keys to move left and right.
Space to Jump.
Hold Left Click to move your Arm.
Release Left Click to let go of objects.

You automatically pick up nearby objects.


Team Wing It – April 2014 Spring St. Louis Game Jam


Matthew Schrum (Programming)- site
Kyle Wanzek (Programming)- kwanzek@gmail.com
Andrew Garrison (Programming) – site
Paige Andrews-Johnson (Art, Char. Design/Dialogue) – tippingteapots02@gmail.com
Jeffrey Hsu (Art, Backgrounds and Objects) – jeffreyrhsu@gmail.com
Luke Lones (Audio) – luke.lones@gmail.com
FatBardMusic (Audio) – fatbardmusic@gmail.com

Play it with Unity Web!

Download the game here!

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