TitleScreen Journey through the afterlife as a mysterious wanderer trying to get back to earth. Make decisions and gain new abilities while trying to maintain a neutral standing to make it home.

Team members:

Programming and Game Design: Wes Ehrlichman

Programming and Level Design: Canaan Long

Art, Writing and Theme Design: Jenny Gibbons

Music and Writing: Sarah Wahoff


Movement: Arrow Keys

Jump/Accept: Space Bar

Use this download link!: MetempsychosisDemo



  • Level 3 now has paths for all possible power combinations
  • Character animation updates


  • Added new animated sprites for the beastmen (which you can now walk through)
  • Added and improved various player animations
  • Music no longer resets when you die or change level
  • Added moving spike platforms for the flight path in the last level
  • Various minor tweaks


  • Fixed a bug where the moving platform in the first level moved way too fast for some players
  • Powers now reset when you return to the title screen
  • Text is no longer blurry


  • Improved title screen
  • Added credit screen
  • Added more music

Download the game here!

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