GameJam Game Blast from the Past

I’d like to remind everyone that games from older Game Jams never die, they just get archived.

I want to highlight a game from the very first Global Game Jam that St. Louis ever participated in, way back in January 2011. That game is Glitch.


Download Glitch

The theme from 2011 was “Extinction”, and this team interpreted that as a game world that’s slowly eating itself away. The world and music fall apart as you play, and eventually the game crashes itself. Developers of Glitch have been back for more recent Game Jams and have gone on to found Studio 202 games, intern at Simutronics, and speak on their Game Jam experiences to a group of Indie Developers in Denver, Colorado. Play the game for an example of what talented people can accomplish in one weekend!

If you’d like to check out what else has been created, all of the games from past Game Jams are available by clicking the “Games” link above, or right here.

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