Games Listing

All of the games that were created at past game jams can be found here. Most of the games have a screenshot and download link. For the global game jam that is held every January, the source code and more information can be found at If you have any quesitions or issues, head to the FAQ.

January 2018 (Transmission)

January 2017 (Waves)

January 2016 (Ritual)

January 2015 (What do we do now?)

April 2014 (Different themes for each team)

January 2014 (We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.)

September 2013 (Reticulate)

April 2013

January 2013 (Sound of a Heartbeat)

August 2012 (Drawing words from a cup)

April 2012

January 2012 (An image of Ouroboros.)

July 2011

January 2011 (Extinction)

August 2010 (Scapegoat)