Global Game Jam 2017 Diversifiers!


If your team is looking for an added challenge or a way to make your game stand out from the thousands of other games being made this upcoming weekend there are Diversifiers that add additional restrictions to your game beyond the main Theme. Think of Diversifiers as “Achievements. They’re not required, but doing them might make your time more rewarding or interesting. Check them out below right now then again on the first night of the jam to spark some creativity and get inspired.

The diversifiers for 2017 are:

Beyond the doors of perception (Tobii Sponsored)
Use Tobii’s eye tracking device to extend your player’s view in-game and break the 4th wall! Jammers can incorporate Extended View, Awareness or both effects into their game. – Design, Code

Don’t say a word (ESA Sponsored) 
A multiplayer game that requires communication between players, without relying on text or voice. – Accessibility, Design, Code

The colour and the shape
A colour-based game that can also be played by people who have any kind of difficulty seeing colour. – Accessibility, Art, Design

I see what you’re saying
All audio is subtitled, and the presentation of the subtitles (e.g. size, colour, container) can be customised by player. – Accessibility, Code

Played using only the spacebar – no mouse, no other inputs. – Accessibility, Design

Another way in
Allow players to choose which input method they want to use, e.g. choice between mouse or keyboard, choice between tilt, virtual stick or tap, choice between controller or voice. – Accessibility, Design

Old Masters
The art style of your game is based off of a master artist’s style (i.e. Picasso, Klimt, Van Gogh). – Art

Chipping In
The game uses only 8 bit style audio, only 8 bit style visuals, or both. – Audio, Art

Local Lore
Incorporate a local urban legend, myth, lore, or history into your game. – Art, Design

Lost library card
All sound sources are recorded or synthesised during the jam. – Audio

A physical musical instrument is used as an input device. – Audio, Design, Code

Public information
Use offline or live data from a public API in your game. – Code

The mechanic is based on swarm tactics. – Code, Design

Game Legacy 
Each playthrough of the game affects the next. – Code, Design

A VR game where people inside VR and people outside VR have to work together. – Design

Crowd Control
Your game must be played by 8 or more players. – Design

Time Lord
Your game offers variations based on the time of day it is played. – Design

To me, to you
The game must have a single playable character that is controlled by two players. – Design

All sound is sourced from variations of a single instrument, e.g. different types of guitar, or different types of piano. – Audio

Two teams swap games halfway through the jam and finish the other’s game. – Meta

See you on Friday!

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