Global Game Jam 2018 Diversifiers!

If your team is looking for an added challenge or a way to make your game stand out from the thousands of other games being made this upcoming weekend there are Diversifiers that add additional restrictions to your game beyond the main Theme. Think of Diversifiers as “Achievements. They’re not required, but doing them might make your time more rewarding or interesting. Check them out below right now then again on the first night of the jam to spark some creativity and get inspired.

The diversifiers for 2018 are:


That Kind-a Game – (Sponsored by iThrive)
Create a game that explores how choosing kindness transforms the world

Cartographer – (Sponsored by Mapbox)
Use Mapbox’s Maps SDK for Unity to incorporate geo-location data in your game

Rumbled – (Sponsored by the ESA)
Use haptics (vibration/rumble) to make your game more accessible to people who have some difficulty seeing or hearing


One tap for all
Create a game which can be played with one single well timed tap/click

I can see clearly now
The game has high contrast visuals, with a contrast ratio of at least 4.5 : 1 (contrast ratio checker)

Basics covered
All of the top four most commonly complained about accessibility issues are addressed: 1. Game has configurable controls 2. Any text is large and clear 3.Game does not rely on being able to hear 4. Game does not rely on being able to tell colours apart

Over to you
Give players options to configure a wide range of gameplay variables, such as speed and size

Let me see
Game has customisable colours, allowing players to change the aesthetics and contrast to their own preferences


Cardboard Challenge
Use pictures of cutout cardboard for art assets

Instead of using pixel or voxel art, use round shapes or spheres

Stranger Things
Your game’s ambience is inspired by an 80s pop song

My eyes are my ears
All sounds must be visualized in some form. This game shouldn’t provide any less informational feedback to a player that would normally be able to hear

Stained Sprite
All art within your game looks like stained glass


Player Remixer
The game should allow the player to remix the sound effects as a core mechanic of play.. *

All sounds for your game must be created using your voice or body

Toot Your Own Horn
Sounds and music must all come from acoustic or real-world sources – no synthesizers or computer-generated sounds

Write The Theme Tune, Sing The Theme Tune
Form a band with other GGJ participants and record a theme tune for your game – with lyrics

A Bold Choice
Compose the music in a style that is completely inappropriate for your game

Otamatone For Your Sins
Use an Otamatone as the lead instrument in your soundtrack


limit your game file size to 64k or less

Happy Birthday GGJ
Use an emulator or piece of hardware in your game development or part of your gameplay which is over 10 years old

So Sociable
Build a game that uses a social network API

Upside down
One or more game systems programmed by an artist, major art assets produced by programmers/coders

Your game should predominantly feature the idea of patterns that repeat within themselves as you zoom in or expand the game world


Under the Influence
The main character or vehicle can only be controlled indirectly. Example: placing barriers or obstacles to influence the movement.

I’ll be there in a minute
Your game can be played through in 30 seconds or less.

Nem tão próximos
Make a co-op game where two characters need to perform actions together but can’t be too close for too long

Power down
Losing abilities is the only way for your player to progress

Look back
Create a game which uses retro controllers of any type. No modern controllers!

Created by Warren Robinett
Your game contains some kind of hidden secret or Easter egg.

Feathered Friends
Feature a bird as a protagonist or main character

Night and Day
Integrate “night” and “day” modes that must be switched between as one of the game mechanics.


Lost in translation
Make a game which plays differently depending on language selection.

The game story must end the same way it began

Babe, It Just Ain’t Your Story
Gameplay must take place from the point of view of a non player character.

Game must be completely in the form of a series of documents such as letters, diary entries, newspaper clippings, etc.

Ever After
Game must take place after the moment where most other games would have ended, i.e. after the princess has been rescued, after the final boss is defeated, after the killscreen

Say That Again
Tell the story in your game using only a made-up language, including in game text, narration and voiceover.

The game has numerous beginnings, but only one ending.

Hidden Depths
The protagonist isn’t who you think they are at the beginning.


Localize your game in to at least two other languages.

Get a Random Wikipedia Article and include the topic in your game. (Be honest to yourself and don’t cheat and redraw another if you don’t like the first one.)

Final Countdown
Create AN ADDITIONAL game built and finished in the last hour of GGJ

Create a totally different game that can be played inside your game submission. Must also relate to the theme.

See you on Friday!

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