Registration open for Global Game Jam 2013!

Just to avoid any confusion, there are TWO sites currently planning to have teams for GGJ 2013 in St. Louis. A small “private” site being run by the happyMedium company, and a larger “public” site at UMSL. So if in doubt, please sign up for the UMSL site.

Go to the UMSL GGJ page. There will be a “Register” link in the righthand column, so you can get on the list of Jammers! If you don’t see a Register link, you may need to login first, by clicking at the top right of the page.

Please please please, if you think there’s any chance you might be going to the jam, even if you’re not 100% sure yet, and even if you’re not sure how much time you’d be able to spend, please register anyway so we can get a good count of how many people may attend.

So excited, can’t wait!

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