January 20-22, 2017
@ University of Missouri - St. Louis
222 Social Science & Business Building (SSB)
8001 Natural Bridge Road
St. Louis, MO 63121 (directions)
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Global Game Jam 2013 Diversifiers

Diversifiers are “achievements” that Game Jam participants can tackle for extra challenge and additional exposure. With well over 2,000 games being created this weekend it will be hard for your game to get noticed.┬áPeople visiting the Global GameJam site will often filter down using these diversifiers to find unique games that meet their interests. Bottom […]


Everyone’s a Designer!

Warning: This post contains potentially offensive opinions that may not be shared by everyone affiliated with this Game Jam. Do I have your attention yet? Good! If it’s your first Game Jam and you’re not a programmer, artist, or musician you’re probably coming as a game designer. This is EXCELLENT! Game design is the coolest […]


Podcast and Shirt Announcement

Last week, St. Louis GameJam co-organizer Elonka was interviewed about the Global GameJam for the PodCacher: Geocaching podcast. Click the link to have a listen. Her section runs from 11:30-28:40, and again from 40:30-54:00, but the whole thing is interesting, so I’d recommend listening to all of it. Another announcement I’d like to make is […]


The Geek’s Guide to Surviving the Global Game Jam

Welcome! If you are reading this, you’ve probably heard about “that Global Game Jam thing”, and think it sounds cool and maybe you want to try it. You have chosen wisely! It is cool and you will enjoy yourself. That said, I’ve compiled a list of tips so that you can make the Global Game […]